1. Packaging

2. Marking

3. Usage Precautions

To keep the cold-rolled steel properties intact, please be sure to adhere to the following instructions.

  • For storage, avoid moist and wet places or where temperature fluctuates wildly.
  • When the packaging paper is found to be damaged, please repair it immediately.
  • Dry the storage area immediately when moist or water seeps in.
  • Be careful not to damage steel surface while transporting or working.
  • Avoid working areas with high temperatures, sulfuric acid gas or extreme smoke.
  • Avoid a long-term exposure in outdoors, especially when it rains or dews.  In case of outdoor construction, please re-pack the steel or store them inside.
  • When steel is placed under high temperature environment (for example, near a stovepipe), it may change the product properties and cause a reduction in durability.
  • Keep the inventory period as short as possible.