The usage presented in this section reflects the general use and shall be used as a reference. Please be sure to consult with our associates when making orders for specific usage.

  • Commercial Cold rolled Steel

    This type of steel is used in general applications such as refrigerator doors, drums , furniture and automobile parts as well.

    • POSCO: CSP1, CSP2, CSP3
    • ASTM: A1008 CS, A1008 DS , A1008 DDS
  • Black Plate for tin plating (BP)

    POSCO black plate is produced at world-class facilities with cutting-edge technology.  Black plate is used to manufacture different types of cans as it has fine surface quality and outstanding workability.  POSCO has developed the D&I can and the DR can with its own technology.  POSCO is striving to develop more versatile and high quality black plates to satisfy our customers.

    • KS: KS D 3516
      • (SR) MRT50CA , MRT52CA, MRT55CA, MRT57CA , RT61CA,MRT65CA
      • (DR) DR520CA, DR550CA, DR580CA, DR620CA
    • JS: JIS G 3303
      • (DR) DR8CA, DR9CA
    • ASTM:
      • (SR) A625- MRT1CA , MRT2CA, MRT25CA, MRT3CA , MRT4CA, MRT5CA
      • (DR) A650- DR75CA, DR8CA, DR9CA
  • 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 hard and Full hard steel

    These steel have higher hardness than commercial CR products. In this respect, mainly process simple bending, light pressing and cutting. SPCC-1 is a product after cold rolled without annealing, called Full Hard(FH) which is normally used steel strap for coil packing and material for galvanizing and cold rolling.

    • KS, JIS: SPCC-1 , SPCC-2, SPCC-4, SPCC-8
  • Cold Rolled Steel for Porcelain Enameling

    This type of steel is an optimized base material for porcelain enameling. We can mainly use for oven top and inner parts , washer tops, kitchen wares, baking trays, bath tubs and exterior for buildings as well. Porcelain enameled product has proper strength, thermal resistance, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and the surface property which is beautiful and deluxe.

    • JIS: SPP
    • ASTM: A424-TYEP1

    ANCOR exhibits superior resistance to sulfuric acid dew point corrosion and is particularly suited to applications in highly corrosive environments, such as the flue-gas desulfurization facilities in coal-fired power plants

  • High-Tensile-Strength Steel (HSS)

    This class of steel can be divided into commercial, drawing, deep drawing and TRIP steels upon the manufacturing methods and its usage . Commercial HSS is mainly used in the manufacturing of automobile seats, rail levers, and parking brakes. Drawing HSS is used in center floors and brackets of the automobile. Deep drawing HSS is used in major outer panels of the automobile, including the fenders and food. TRIP type high tensile-strength steel is used in the impacts bars for automobile doors and bumpers.

    • Commercia: CHSP45C/60C
    • Drawing: CHSP35R/40R/45R
    • Deep Drawing: CHSP35E/40E/45E
    • Extra Deep Drawing Quality: CHSP35ES/40ES
    • TRIP-Type: CHSP60TR/80TR/100TR
    • Bake Hardening: CHSP28EB-E/35EB/40EB
  • DP Steel (Dual-Phase Steel)

    Cold Rolled and galvanized steel sheets for outer panels(door outer-490DP), structural parts(seat rails, sill side members) and crashworthiness parts(underbody reinforcement parts) Hot rolled steel for suspension, wheel discs.

    • POSCO: CGCHS50DP/60DP/80DP, PAT980D-H/M/EL
  • CP Steel (Complex-Phase Steel)

    Given their high energy absorption capacity and fatigue strength, CP steel is particularly well suited for automotive safety components requiring good impact strength, crashworthiness.

    • POSCO: PAT1180P-HY / PGT1180P-HY
  • TRIP Steel (Transformation Induced Plasticity Steel)

    High strength level TRIP steels are used as reinforcement in structures, consider outstanding energy absorption and high formability with Giga grade

    • POSCO: PCT980T, PAT980T / PCT1180T, PAT1180T, PZT1180T
  • MART Steel (MARrTensitic Steel)

    With their high tensile strength , these grades are particularly suitable for automotive safety parts by a forming method such as roll forming

    • POSCO: PCT1470M / PDT1470M
  • HPF Steel (Hot Press Forming Steel)

    HPF Steels for parts which require high Strength reinforcements such as pillar, roof cross Members, door impact beams and bumper beams

    • POSCO: PCT1470M / PDT1470M
    • EN: 22MnB5
  • U-AHSS / TWIP Steel (TWinning Induced Plasticity Steel)

    The main application components bumpers, A-Fillar and other current Member.

    • POSCO: PCT950W / PZT950W
  • X-AHSS / XF Steel (eXtra-Formable Steel)

    XF steel is well suited for automotive reinforcement parts which is applied to HPF steel such as A-B pillar, roof cross members and so on.

    • POSCO: PCT980XF / PGT980XF / PCT1180XF