• Input Process

    Equipment at the entry point of the electrogalvanizing line consists of a Pay-off Reel, Shearing M/C, Welding M/C, Looper, and Tension Leveler. The pay-off reel transports stacked or cold-rolled steel materials to the shearing machine which cuts and connects them in preparation for welding. Then comes the welding machine, the looper and a tension leveler which controls the flatness of the untreated sheet steel.

  • Pre-Treatment Process

    An electrolytic cleaning line consists of an electrolysis tank, an acid bath and a rinse tank to remove contaminants and oxide films from the surface of the steel before electroplating.

  • Electric Galvanizing Equipment

    POSCO produces electro-galvanized steel sheet using the LCC-H (Liquid Cushion Cell-Horizontal) galvanizing process. In this process, the steel is coated on both sides simultaneously as it passes horizontally through the line.

  • Phosphate Thin-Film Coating Process

    A phosphate thin-film is applied to the surface of the zinc layer through chemical or electro-chemical reactions. The film is intended to provide temporary anti-corrosion protection and to generate a secure painting substrate.

  • Anti-Fingerprinting Process

    An organic, inorganic or organic-inorganic hybrid film is applied to the surface of sheet steel in order to supplement its corrosion resistance and to enhance desirable properties such as resistance to fingerprint marks and workability

  • Output Process

    The exit point of the line includes an output looper, tension reel, and an automatic packaging line to protect the products after coil winding.