The usage presented in this section reflects the general use and shall be used as a reference. Please be sure to consult with our associates when making orders for specific usage.

  • Phosphate treated/untreated product

    To enhance paintability and corrosion resistance, conventional cold-rolled coils are coated with Zn. The products are widely used for color coating

    untreated product, Phosphate treated

    Post treatment code: XX(untreated product), PL(Phosphate treated)

    • Usage: Color steel, Furnitures, Home appliances, VCM, Powder Spray Painting, Painting
  • EG Anti fingerprint-resistant steel

    Fingerprint resistance steel can prevent contamination by fingerprints during product processing and handling wherein steel sheets are treated with Cr-free environment-friendly organic/inorganic resins to provide excellent corrosion resistance, paintability, and machinability

    • AC(Antifinger Conductivity), AF(Antifinger Formability),
      AG(Antifinger General), AL(Antifinger Lubrication)
    • Usage: Video Appliances, OA Equipment, Audio Equipment, Computer
  • Steel Sheets for Fuel Tanks of an Automobile

    Sheets are plated with Zn-Ni or pure Zn to give corrosion resistance. The products are further treated by resin coating to enhance corrosion resistance and prevent chemical reaction with fuel

    • Usage: Automotive fuel tanks inner Part, Automotive fuel tanks body
  • Black resin steel sheet

    Black resin coated steel can save production cost of consumer electronics industry by replacing conventional plastic materials

    • Usage: TV Back Cover, Settop Box