The usage presented in this section reflects the general use and shall be used as a reference. Please be sure to consult with our associates when making orders for specific usage.

  • Grain Oriented Electrical Steel

    PG-core has excellent magnetic properties in the rolling direction. It is widely used for large or mid/small-size transformers.

    PH Core
    Through highly advanced texture control technologies, PH-core has superior magentic properties. This is widely used for energy efficient transformer.

    PHD Core
    PHD-core has excellent magnetic properties by domain refining technologies which can achieve significant loss reduction.

  • Non - Grain Oriented Electrical Steel

    Non grain-oriented electrical steel has homogeneous magnetic properties in all directions. They are used as core materials in rotating machines, from tiny precision electric motors to large power generators.

    PNM Core
    PNM-Core has a improved wear resistance and low residual magnetism. This product is suitable for magnetic switches.

    PNF Core
    PNF-Core has excellent magnetic properties at high frequencies. It is suitable for motors which needs low core loss at high frequencies.

    PNA Core
    PNA-Core has low core loss, high induction and good punchability after SRA(Stress elief Annealing).

    PNX Core
    PNX-Core is optimized core for traction motor in electrical vehicle(EV). It has low core loss at high frequencies, and has high mechanical strength for excellent endurance.

    PNH Core
    PNH-Core has superior induction property than other non grain-oriented cores. It is widely used for industrial motors

    PNS Core
    PNS-Core has less strength than normal hyper grade PN-Core(≤2.5W/kg). It has excellent punchability so that customers can increase life cycle of mold.