The usage presented in this section reflects the general use and shall be used as a reference. Please be sure to consult with our associates when making orders for specific usage.

  • Post treatment

    NC(General, Non-Chromate)

    • Product: GI Cr-Free
    • Usage: General electronic appliances

    NE(Non-Chromate Excellent)

    • Product: GI Cr-Free
    • Feature: Corrosion Resistance
    • Usage: General electronic appliances

    NH(Non-Chromate HGI)

    • Product: HGI Cr-Free
    • Usage: Construction Materials

    NP(Non-Chromate Pohang)

    • Product: HGI Cr-Free
    • Usage: Construction Materials


    • Product: HGI Cr
    • Usage: PIPE
    Product Name NC
    (General, Non-Chromate)
    (Non-Chromate Excellent)
    (Non-Chromate HGI)
    (Non-Chromate Pohang)
    Product Type GI Cr-Free GI Cr-Free HGI Cr-Free HGI Cr-Free HGI Cr
    Feature - Corrosion Resistance - - -
    Usage General electronic appliances General electronic appliances Construction Materials Construction Materials PIPE
  • GI(H)

    With optimized construction design considering load limit, it is possible to minimize using materials which leads to lower cost and short period of construction

    tube and coupler scaffolding
    To build up local Scaffolding market competitiveness co-developed superlight pipe with a pipe company

    • Feature: Excellent corrosion/chemically-resistant compared to General hot dip coating, Especially for planar & deformed part, it is corrsion resistant & PH insensitive, Maintain anti-galling & formability with greate coating layer hardness & friction coefficient
    • Main Usage: Interior/exterior construction part , air conditioner container, automotive component
  • DP Steel (Dual-Phase Steel)

    Cold Rolled and galvanized steel sheets for outer panels(door outer-490DP), structural parts (seat rails, sill side members) and crashworthiness parts(underbody reinforcement parts) Hot rolled steel for suspension, wheel discs.

    • POSCO: CGCHS50DP/60DP/80DP, PAT980D-H/M/EL
  • CP Steel (Complex-Phase Steel)

    Given their high energy absorption capacity and fatigue strength, CP steel is particularly well suited for automotive safety components requiring good impact strength, crashworthiness.

    • POSCO: PAT1180P-HY / PGT1180P-HY
  • TRIP Steel (Transformation Induced Plasticity Steel)

    High strength level TRIP steels are used as reinforcement in structures, consider outstanding energy absorption and high formability with Giga grade

    • POSCO: PCT980T, PAT980T / PCT1180T, PAT1180T, PZT1180T
  • MART Steel (MARrTensitic Steel)

    With their high tensile strength , these grades are particularly suitable for automotive safety parts by a forming method such as roll forming

    • POSCO: PCT1470M / PDT1470M
  • HPF Steel (Hot Press Forming Steel)

    HPF Steels for parts which require high Strength reinforcements such as pillar, roof cross, Members, door impact beams and bumper beams

    • POSCO: PCT1470M / PDT1470M
    • EN: 22MnB5
  • U-AHSS / TWIP Steel (TWinning Induced Plasticity Steel)

    The main application components bumpers, A-Fillar and other current Member.

    • POSCO: PCT950W / PZT950W
  • X-AHSS / XF Steel (eXtra-Formable Steel)

    XF steel is well suited for automotive reinforcement parts which is applied to HPF steel such as A-B pillar, roof cross members and so on.

    • POSCO: PCT980XF / PGT980XF / PCT1180XF