• Reheating Furnace

    Steel slabs, which are produced in a continuous casting plant, are first conditioned in a reheating furnace before transferring to the steel rolling works. In order to remove the thick scale which can form on the surface of a hot slab, Vertical Scale Breakers (VSB) are utilized.

  • Roughing Mill

    In this process, slabs whose surface scale share been removed are made into rolled materials with the proper shape, thickness, and width. In the entry and exit area of the roughing mill, an edger rolls the strip in the width direction using an Automatic Width Control (AWC) system.

  • Finishing Mill

    The purpose of finishing rolling is to adjust the thickness and width of a coil to the specified dimensions and to produce a smooth surface and shape at a desired finishing temperature appropriate appropriate FOR its intended use. its intended use. Our up-to-date equipment, including Work Roll Shift Mills and On-line Roll Grinders (ORG) enhance plant productivity and improve the quality of the finished coils by controlling the thickness deviation.

  • Run-Out Table

    After the finishing mill, the strip passes to the run-out table where it is coiled. While being rolled down the table, the strip is sprayed with water to cool water to cool to the proper temperature to the proper temperature for coiling.

  • Skin Pass Mill Process

    During the skin pass rolling process, various inspection procedures involving surface defect involving surface defect, dimension measurement, and etc., dimension measurement, etc., are conducted in order to improve the improve the shape, mechanical properties and surface profiles of the product.