The usage presented in this section reflects the general use and shall be used as a reference. Please be sure to consult with our associates when making orders for specific usage.

  • For Automotive Parts

    As the carbon dioxide emission control is getting strict for the purpose of global warming prevention, governments and automotive industry have strived to develep light weight parts in order to increase the fuel efficiency. Korean government is encouraging the development of light weight material by selecting magnesium as one of the 10 biggest *WPM tasks in 2010. POSCO is strengthening collaboration with auto makers and parts manufacturers to develop light weight parts with magnesium.
    *WPM : World Premier Materials(10 Key Material Project)

  • For Electronic Parts

    As the high technology applications such as smart phone and laptop computer increase, the demand for magnesium is dramtically growing.
    · As magnesium has superior specific strength, dent resistance, light weight and electromagnetic wave shielding property, it is suitable for parts of IT mobile products.
    ·Magnesium is the optimal material which can satisfy the emotion of consumers by realizing refined metal texture.

  • For Audio System

    It is a part among speaker components which reproduces sound by vibrating air in the atmosphere.

  • For Medical Appliances

    The medical/rehabilitation market is continuously growing due to the increase in the aged and obese population, and the related products such as knee brace is getting popular in advanced countries. POSCO has applied various magnesium alloys to knee brace.

  • For Defense Products

    A sea water battery generates eletricity by a chemical reaction when seawater flows in. POSCO supplies rolled magnesium for the electrode of seawater battery after passing the strict tests.

  • For Construction Materials

    Magnesium Ondol panel is a high efficient and highly functional construction material jointly developed by Steel Structure Research Laboratory of RIST and POSCO E&C Technical Research Institute with rolled magnesium. The excellent thermal conductivity of magnesium enables to save a heating cost by enhancing energy efficiency. (The result of the test conducted by Korea Conformity Laboratories shows that heating cost can be saved by 17 %.) Also, the superior shock absorbing property makes residential life comfortable by reducing inter-floor noise.

  • For Kitchenware

    Magnesium is an essential and beneficial mineral to a human body, and has advantages that cooking time can be shortened because it has fast thermal diffusion time in comparison to other materials and the far infrared ray generated by the ceramic coating makes food to evenly cooked, giving it a good taste.