The usage presented in this section reflects the general use and shall be used as a reference. Please be sure to consult with our associates when making orders for specific usage.

  • Coil Spring for Automobile

    The suspension supports the weight of the upper part of a vehicle on its axles and wheels, allows the vehicle to travel over irregular surfaces with a minimum of up-and-down body movement, and allows the vehicle to corner with minimum roll or loss of traction between the tires and the road.

    • SAE: SAE9254/D/S
    • POSCO: POSHIS120D/120S/125
  • Engine Valve Spring

    As a part of automotive engine, it repeatedly received high-temperature, high-speed pressures. Thus, fatigue life time assurance is required.

    • SAE: SAE9254V/HV
    • POSCO: POSHV2300
  • Tire Cord Steel

    A reinforcing material in radial tires to stabilize them from the extreme stress when a vehicle travels at high speed for a long time.

    • POSCO: POSCROD70S/80S/92SI
  • Steel for Bridge Cable

    A cable supports and transfers all applied forces on the bridge. Cor- rosion resistance, fatigue resistance, Low relaxion are required characteristics of cable to use for long periods of time.As developing high strength wire rod is required to construct more huge and longer bridge.

    • POSCO: POSCABLE82/86/92/98
  • Bearing Steel

    As the parts of rolling elements, such as balls, rollers and inner and outer rings, it should have excellent wear resistance and rolling contact fatigue life for there use.

    • JIS: JIS-SUJ2
    • SAE: SAE52100
  • Steel for CHQ

    Wire rod for cold heading quality is cold headed, forged or extruded to make bolts, nuts or screws that are widely used in automobile parts and industrial machines Surface quality and homogeneous internal quality are especially required.

    • POSCO: POSA1021B, POSA5120BH, POSMA45RM etc.
    • JIS: JIS-SWRCH10A/15A/18A/25F/35F/45F etc.
    • SAE: SAE10B21/10B22/10B30/10B30/10B35/10B38/1541/15B24/15B25/15B41/8740/1050S/1060S etc.
  • Free Cutting Steel

    This high-machinability type steel with such free-cutting elements as P and S added is used in precision parts of automobiles and home appliances.

    • JIS: SUM22/43