Steel Material


Solution marketing of steel material involves development of solutions for steel technology, product technology and engineering technology solutions of POSCO for structures applied to civil engineering and construction areas such as bridges, buildings, road facilities and ground structures. We conduct diverse activities to offer increased functionality, safety and economic feasibility to customers through linkage of steel solution with large-scale projects, increased competitiveness of clients based on customized solution, and high added value of products combining design and IT.

Ultra high strength steel is used nowadays to build super high-rise buildings. Construction companies can reduced the amount of steel material used on structures through application of ultra high strength steel, showing reduced volume of welding work and construction expense.

POSCO not only offers ultra high strength steel for super high-rise buildings but also presents a welding solution appropriate for ultra high strength steel.

Also, we provide an opportunity to create new profits by developing highly efficiency welding technology and suitable welding materials used to manufacture construction equipment. We will endeavor to pioneer new markets and continue to growth with our clients through provision of optimal welding design, material and construction technology.

Steel Material Solution Marketing Domains of PAC

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Target Structures

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