About Steel-N.com


"Steel-N.com" is POSCO's business portal site and comprised of e-Sales and e-Procurement.
e-Sales site handles sales work and is comprised of e-Market and e-Transaction. The e-Procurement site deals in purchasing and is designed to search for new suppliers and enable electronic bidding and exchanges of transaction documents and information.
The "N" in Steel-N.com stands for "Neo," implying the new, fresh, and future-oriented aspect of POSCO. It also symbolizes limitless value created by the individuality and harmony, of the netizen community.
The "-" is a link connecting POSCO and the outside world as well as business and customers, expressing a familiar and strong rapport.
"Steel-N.com" strives to form a community in which both business and customer can benefit by actualizing Internet Business, an open concept transcending generation, time and space.

Business History
  • December, 1999

    Formed a task force to open an e-commerce site specializing in steel products.e)

  • March, 2000

    Established basic strategy and business model for on-line sales.

  • April, 2000

    Launched development of on-line sales system for non-order products.

  • June, 2000

    Formed new e-Business Team and Cyber Sales Team.

  • July, 2000

    Decided on "Steel-N.com" as the site domain name

  • August, 2000
    • Completed the development of on-line sales system for inventory products.
    • Began operating"Steel-N.com" on August 30th. (Started selling inventory products on-line.)
  • September, 2000

    Construction of Competitive Transportation Contract System Development Task Force

  • October, 2000
    • Closed e-Business Team & newly established e-Sales Team and e-Procurement Teams.
    • Established and began an Inventory e-Market Migration Plan (Optima¬°√¶ERP)
    • Established an e-Transaction development plan and started system development.
  • January, 2001

    Established an e-Procurement basic plan and confirmed a business model.

  • March, 2001
    • Completed the development of the e-Transaction system.
    • Completed the development of an e-Market business model for ordered products and launched system development.
  • April, 2001

    Tested the e-Transaction System.

  • May, 2001

    May 23 e-Logistics commenced operation (tender commencement)

  • June, 2001

    Implemented test operation of Steel-N.com, an integration of e-Sales and e-Procurement, on June 11th.
    (Opened English, Japanese and Chinese versions of the e-Sales site.)

  • July, 2001

    Grand opening of Steel-N.com.

  • September, 2001

    Started selling ordered products on-line on September 24th and operating e-Procurement.

  • February, 2012

    Provide e-Transaction system mobile service

  • January, 2014

    Complete e-Transaction & e-Market System integraion development

  • June, 2015

    Begin e-Sales system mobile integration service

  • December, 2016

    Open renewed Steel-N.com system