Electrics and Electronics

Home Appliance

Compared to other industries, home appliance industry requires shorter product lifecycle, lower manufacturing cost and greater demand for new functions. We develop and provide customized solutions for each customer. We provide the solutions such as parts design, preliminary test and mass production line test as well as we finds technical cooperation items. In the long term, we conduct activities for solution marketing by cooperation with customers.

설계부터 양산까지 전 과정 기술지원

Solution package

Providing solutions from steel grade suggestion to parts manufacturing technology

강종제안부터 부품화 기술까지 솔루션 제공

Home appliance EVI activities

가전 EVI 활동

Motor, Transformer

  • Development of environment-friendly and high efficient motors and transformers
  • Technical support on electric steel application technology
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Evaluation of motor performance

Motor structure and durability analysis