High Manganese Steel


High manganese steel is a steel type with Mn content of 3~27%. It is a world first(WF) material compared to traditional materials with improved performance and economy. It is applied to various industries based on various properties such as high strength, low temperature toughness, wear resistance, non-magnetic and damping property depending on components like Mn and C. We provide our customer with steel material, manufacturing and welding solutions to increase customer's value.

High Manganese Steel Overview
  • Martensitic AR Steel
    mining trucks excavator

    Martensitic AR Steel

    High hardnenability of Mn : Full thickness martensitic microstructure can be acquired.
    Excellent surface wear resistance and expended service life due to flat full thickness hardness profile
    Construction and mining equipments (buckets of excavator and mining trucks), wear resistant parts
    Good price competiveness through replacement of expense elements with high Mn based alloy design
    Longer service life of products due to the high hardness of center area.
  • Austenitic AR Steel
    High Mn slurry pipe Wear rate of welding material

    Austenitic AR Steel

    Same of better erosion resistance than currently using expensive slurry pipes
    Easy to make pipe shape due to the low yield strength and excellent elongation
    Slurry pipes for mining, transportation pipe of ores & coal and various wear resistant parts of mines.
    Improving the productivity of mining producers with lower price
    Establishing application solutions of slurry pipes
    (pipe making, installing and maintaining)
  • Non-Magnetic Steel
    High Vlotage transformer Gas insulated switchgear

    Non-Magnetic Steel

    Better magnetic stability than STS304 with lower price
    Higher strength(YS 350 MPa) than 304 stainless steel(YS 205 MPa)
    Transformer, GIS(Gas insulated switchgear), EMS(Electro-magnetic stirring), Submarine, etc.
    Provision of sloution for cutting, drilling, milling and welding consumable etc.
  • Cryogenic Steel
    LNG tank terminal LNG storage tank

    Cryogenic Steel

    Lower price with good weldability and high strength compared to STS, 9%Ni steel and Al alloy.
    Cryogenic structures such as LNG tank, etc.
    Total cost reduction of LNG tank fabrication to maunfacturing technology, welding consumable etc.
  • Damping Steel
    Hybrid structures floor panel system Composition of the floor panel system

    Damping Steel

    Solutions to meet the social problems regarding the noise between floors in apartments.
    Noise-proof Floor Panel
    Patented design and construction technologies to curb the noise levels in each apartment